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Turkey at once represents the confluence of often conflicting geopolitical stakes at the intersection of West Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean, and its own assets. This makes Turkey exceptionally crucial to regional and international stability.

In this blog, I shall share my analysis on developments and policy choices which impact on the region and the wider geography. I begin with a general analysis on West Eurasia.

The readers can also find my archived articles which were published in the media in recent years.

I hope to make my substantial, if modest, contribution to the debate.



Şafak Göktürk

Retired Turkish diplomat.

During his career (1979-2019), he held numerous positions including those of First Secretary in Athens, Deputy Chief of Mission in Tehran, Consul General in Frankfurt, Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN in New York, Deputy Director General for the Middle East, Director General for Policy Planning, and Ambassador to Egypt, Singapore and Norway (with concurrent accreditation to Iceland).

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